visiting Dudek paragliders factory and testing demo wings

We are a manufacturer of highest quality paragliders and paragliding-related accesories.

Dudek Paragliders started operating in the summer of 1995. Since 1997 we have had on standing offer a full range of paragliders (school, intermediate, competition and tandem wings). Our production still concentrates on wings, with some additional equipment such as reserve parachutes, backpacks etc.
Nowadays the especially successful domain are reflex canopies, dedicated for powered paragliding. Simply put, we are the world's leading brand in that segment.

The production process takes place entirely in Poland, Europe, under watchful eye of the designer himself. This allows for a permanent and precise quality control, instant application of new solutions, right selection and training of the production crew, and - last but not least - for a high quality service workshop. Newly built facility creates good work conditions and a friendly atmosphere for our work team.

Our paragliders are available worldwide through constantly growing network of representatives.

Dudek Paragliders company is a member of the PMA (Paraglider Manufacturers Association).

In 2015 we have received the prize 'Export Leader of Pomorze i Kujawy".


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