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Our Services

Join Us in the Sky! - We are offering you a structured Powered Paragliding training program tailored to your needs.

We come to you.

We will come to you with a trailer full of gear anywhere in the continental United States to train at your nearest suitable flying location.

Step-by-Step Training Course

Much like a motorcycle training course, you will ease into the experience gradually, one step at a time, beginning with kiting your wing and ending with your solo flight with radio communication.

Scheduling Training

Training generally takes 8-15 days and is largely dependent on weather conditions.  

Tandem Flights

You will generally do 1-3 Tandem flights before you solo where you will be given the controls and instructed how to use them. 

Winched flights

You will generally do 3-5 winched flights in a freeflight harness before putting a motor on. 

Simulator/Hang Check

We will perform a "Hang Check" / Simulator and adjust your harness to the proper angle and practice getting in and out of the seat. 

Other Stuff

An understanding of the equipment, Suitable flying conditions, and choosing good locations 


We will provide a kiting harness and wing so you may practice kiting without abusing your flying wing. 

Expart Consultance

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